My Top 3 Red Lipsticks for Valentine's Day

One of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching: Valentine’s Day! Growing up I always loved Valentine’s Day. Exchanging cards in class, sharing love to everyone you see in the halls, and all the candy your heart can eat. As I’ve gotten older and served more brides with their wedding day makeup, Valentine’s Day has become even more special because I have the unique opportunity to be a part of someone’s journey with their forever Valentine.

Whether you’re happily married, celebrating February 14th with your girlfriends, or anywhere in between, it’s always fun to get dolled up. I’m sharing my 3 favorite red lipsticks + why I love them to complete your Valentine’s Day makeup.

#1 Lolita by Kat Von D.

This is my favorite red, hands down! It gives a natural lip color, while also showing a pop of red. It’s not exactly nude, and it’s not exactly red either. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a bold but subtle look. Kat Von D is one of my favorite lip brands because it is long lasting, matte, but also hydrating.

#2 Mary Jo K by Kylie Cosmetics.

It’s no secret that most makeup artists love Kylie Cosmetics. The Mary Jo K shade is named after Kylie’s grandma, and if that doesn’t pull at your heart strings, I don’t know what will. MJK is a bold red and not for the faint at heart. If you’re wanting to be daring on Valentine’s Day, this is the red for you. Since it’s such a bright and bold red, I would recommend Kylie Lip Kits are amazing because they come with a lip liner and mattified liquid lipstick with intense pigmentation.

#3 Russian Red by Mac.

If you’re in your feelings on Valentine’s Day, this red is for you because it is deeeeep. I have always been a huge lover of Mac lipsticks because of how timeless the brand is and how longlasting the products are. Russian Red is no exception to the rule. It is a velvety, matte red that is as deep as your emotions. Similar to the other 2 I listed, Russian Red is long-lasting and won’t fade after your goodnight’s kiss.

Do you have a red lipstick that is in your rotation or any V-day plans you want to share? I’m all ears.